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Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

Use your famous mystery-writing skills to help solve an ancient homicide and capture Edgar Allan Poe`s murderer! Follow your ghostly guides through Poe`s classic tales as you meet the different suspects in this dark and haunting Hidden Object game. Find inspiration for your next book as you collect clues, interview witnesses, and crack the centuries-old crime in Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy!
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Before I watched this video and breofe we started reading The Tell Tale Heart in class, I already knew what it was about. This is because we had seen the show earlier in the school year. I like the story. I think it is very interesting, and it's not like the typical book or story that you read. Sometimes I think that I would like to know what was going through Edgar Allen Poe's head while he wrote his stories. I wonder how he came up with the ideas, and I wonder more about his life and what he was like. I'm sure he was probably a very interesting person. This video was very intense. It kept me wanted to not let my eyes wonder of the screen whatsoever. I liked having a visual of the story. Vincent Price did an amazing job acting out the role of the narrator. January 1, 2010It seems like I haven't taken a look at this journal in forever. I thought it was about time. So, here I am. Life has been pretty good since Sarah and I caught Henry in the dredge. I mean we've pretty much been claimed heros. It's pretty cool. Of course, Sarah is taking advantage of it, but what do you expect from her? Well, today is January first. It is officially 2010. I'm glad about that. I guess I'm just ready to start over. I mean I'm doing well, but I just feel like I should make a new Ryan. I feel like I should be the Ryan McCray that does NOT risk their life because Sarah is interested in sneaking around places we shouldn't be going. So say goodbye to that person I just described up there. Sarah will probably laugh when she sees this, but I wrote a list of New Years Resolutions. She probably believes I will break them, ALL of them. Don't worry, I won't let her get to me.1. I will not under any circumstances sneak into any forbidden places in Skeleton Creek, or other places that life may take Sarah and I.2. I will always be prepared with the needed materials to help escape, just in case I happen to get trapped in a secret room (like the room in the dredge). Even though I will not place myself in any situations that could result in that happening.3. I refuse to give in to Sarah's requests if she could get us in trouble, not matter how demanding she is.4. I will try my hardest not to break my leg again. Casts are extremely itchy and uncomfortable.and the usual 5. I promise to try my hardest to get straight As in school. So, I'm going to start checking back in with my journal more often now. I mean, just because she's a hero doesn't mean that Sarah will stop using her video camera, and most likely getting into other people's business. I guess I can keep writing. I mean, what harm can it do?

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